Sunday, 24 February 2013

Prep Time

Thursday. In preparation for the weekend I spend the evening doing a check on my equipment:
-       1 tin of white spray paint
-       1 bottle of holy water, along with a pouch of balloons for making holy water grenades. 
-       Wooden stakes. The first ones I made were too thick. But they don’t need to be very thick at all, just thick enough to take a blow from a hammer. They need to be thin enough to slip in between the rib cage. They don’t need to be very long either. No more than 30 centimetres will do, the length of a ruler. Small enough to cram into my backpack. Small enough to hide in my clothes. To make them all I did was buy a couple of cheap strips of pine wood from B and Q, then I sawed them up and sharpened them at one end. .
-       1 hammer, to make it easier to drive the stake into the heart.
-       A small mirror. They don’t have a reflection, so it’s a good way of telling friend from foe.
-       1 plastic bottle of paraffin, tightly sealed, and a box of matches. Fire can kill them just as easily.
-       2 torches, (any halogen model is the best).
-       Spare batteries.
-       A length of rope, just in case of any climbing. A lot of the tunnel entrances are fenced up now.
-       2 crucifixes. Defensive weapon, although I noticed that the crucifix becomes much less powerful as it gets darker.
-       Cloves of garlic.
-       2 lightsticks.